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Advanced plants ready for repotting.

Dendrobium miyakei  C I Philippines,China.

Clusters of magenta flowers on the old canes.Bottle brush type.  Fl/size 10cm  pot $36

Dendrobium topaziacum Philippines. Clusters of yellow orange fls, lip striped red. Bottle brush type. Flowers on the old canes.

10 cm pot   $34




Nervilia discolor Extends from Asia to Australia. Jewel, glittering green flushed purple leaf, 4cm purple flowers Dormant in winter.3 dormant tubers $26.50.

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Oncidium spacelatuum "Symetrica" Mexico Large  panicles of golden yellow flowers marked chestnut brown.Brian Blackleys select clone, with a very acute pyramid inflorescense
  fl/size in 8 cm basket pot $18

Phalaenopsis aphrodite Philippines. Flowers pure white, to 7 cm, lip with yellow, red marks on crest.A very good grower

10cm Pot fl/size in flower $26.50


Phalaenopsis formosana. Tetraploid form of  Phal aphrodite. Robust,  thicker leafed  species, shorter more rounder leaves very resistant to pests, diseases. Flowers very heavy textured

10cm pot Flowering size in spike $36


Rodriguezia venusta Brazil Dwarf grower, clumpimg. Fls to 4cm pure white, lip with golden yellow disc. Showy.
 fl/size plants on treefern $36

Spathoglotis affinis 4N tetraploid .Intermediate to cool. aka S lobbii,  Dwarf growing. deciduous 3 flowering size plants/pot. Sent as dormat tubers $26.50

Thrixspermum centipeda I. China Typical of the genus, yellow spider like flowers to 5cm.Small grower.  3 plant basket 8cm pot  $26.50   

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