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Advanced plants ready for repotting and C seedlings below..

Epidendrum pseudoepidendrum.

Spectacular Central American species 

Much like a reed stem Epi., grows easily as a semi terrestrial,  Cattleya  or Dendrobium conditions.

C seedlings $17.50



Catasetum expansum. 

Venezuela. Green yellow x white, red callus (Cecilia x Fennel) .

Siblings all different colours.

C seedlings $17.50


Aerides lawrenceae 

type form. Flowering size in spike $34

large plants

Aerides lawrenceae Sanderiana 

 Flowering size in spike $34

large plants


Aeranthe grandiflora 


 Flowering size in spike $34


Phalaenopsis stuartiana 

Flowering size  $26.50

SEEDLING SPECIES PLANTS Burleigh Park Orchid Nursery Ph 07 47 740 008 
C seedlings advanced 80mm pot/basket pot $17.50 each 
Flowering size plants may also be available.Enquire 
Aeranthes grandiflora I.W. Madagascar Fls to 5cm, green, spurred, on long wiry spike. Fl/size $36..C $17.50 
Aerides falcatum I. Thailand Long spikes, many fls. Fls 4cm, silver white, tipped purple Fls $36 C $17.50 
Aerides falcatum x Rhymcostylus retusa I. Thailand Large flrd Aerides X foxtail retusa. Fragrant colourful robust. C seedlings $17.5 
Aerides fieldingii I. India Dense spike soft crystalline pink fls. magenta lip, fragrant. Rare, true to name. The large broad leaf species. C seedlings $17.5 
Aerides jarkianum I.W. Philippines Spikes of waxy burgundy flowers, fragrant. Fl/size $36..C $17.50 
Aerides krabiense I.W. Thailand Dwarf, crystalline pink, spotted magenta, fragrant, 2cm fls. Fl/size $36..C $17.50 
Angraecum leonis x Jumellea major I. Madagascar Both white 5cm fls,crystalline, fragrant, fan like plant. Fl/size $26.50 C$17.50 
Ascocentrum curvifolium I.W. Thailand Dwarf.Erect bottle brush spikes orange red fls.brighlty coloured Fl/size $36..C $17.50 
Barkeria obovata (chinense) Yellow I. Mexico A cloud of pale yellow insect like fls, lip veined. C seedlings $17.50 
Bulbophyllum basicetum Red I.W. Philippines Fls to 6 cm long, glossy orange red, lip dark red. Showy. Fl/Size $26.5.. C$17.50 
Bulbophyllum lasiochilum I. Thailand Small grower, fls yellow with fine brown spots. Lip fringed Fl/Size $26.5..C$17.50 
Bulbophyllum levatii I. Vanuatu Clumping minature, spike of starry white fls.Charming species Fl/Size $26.5.. C$17.50 
Catasetum expansum I. Venezuela Green yellow x white, red callus (Cecilia x Fennel) 10cm fls. C Seedling $17.50 
Catasetum pileatum white x red I.W. Brazil Large ivory x cream blotched redpurple. C seedlings $17.50 
Cattleya jenmannii "Clmio x Mosca" I. Brazil Large rose pink fls, lip darker marked yellow. C seedling $17.50 
Cymbidium bicolor I.C. China Yellow, buff yellow with burgandy, purple brown stripes. Fl/size $26.50 
Cymbidium dayanum China I. China Fls white, centre red crimson stripe, lip red purple with white. C seedling $17.50 
Cymbidium findlaysonianum I.W. S.E.Asia Robust, long spikes yellow and red flowers Fl/size $26..C$17.50 
Dendrobium clavator I.W. Malaya Fine leaf foliage, fls yellow lip striped red purple. Showy. C$17.50 
Dendrobium hercoglossum I. Thailand Small growing softcane sps, clusters of pink purple fls enmass. Fragrant C $17.50 
Dendrobium jenkensii I.C. India Minature aggregatum. Fls to 3cm orange yellow, showy. Fl/s$26.5.. C$17.50 
Dendrobium mimiense W New Guinea Like D capituliflorum but leaves all green. Heads of green white fls. Fl/size $26.50 C$17.50 
Dendrobium moschatum cupreum I.C. India Large apricot flowers to 3 inch, flushed copper. Fl/sLarge $36. C $17.50 
Dendrobium teretifolium C.I.W. Australia Pencil orchid. Terete leaves, clusters of fragrant white fls.Larger coastal NQ form C seedlings $17.50 
Dendrobium topaziacum I. Philippines Clusters of yellow orange fls, lip striped red. Bottle brush type Fl/s$36.. 8cmpot$17.50 
Encyclia cochleatum majus I.W. Mexico Cockle shell orchid. Green fls, green and brown veined lip. C seedling $17.50 
Epidendrum pseudoepidendrum I.C. Cent Amer Showy green fls, red orange lip. Fls to 5 cm. C seedlings $17.50 
Eulophiella roempleriana I.W. Madagascar Rose purple fls to 10 cm metre spike Awarded clone selfed.4"pot only 10cm pot or compot/6seedlings   $26.50 
Grammatophyllum wallisii W Philippines Giant.Fls 12 cm,cream flushed rose, blotched red brown on huge spike. 4" Pot $34.. C seedling $17.50 
Laelia purpurata roxo-violeta I Brazil sib"Haetinge x No1 Otto". Large fls to 15 cm.Violet coloured 4"pot $22 
Oeoniella polystachys I.W. Madagascar Showy dwarf. Fls green, white lip, very fragrant. C seedlings $17.50 
Phalaenopsis amabilis grandiflora I.W. Philippines Large pure white to 7.5cm, yellow on lip, red spotted crest. NFS$26.50..C seedling$17.50 
Phalaenopsis aphrodite W. Philippines Flowers pure white, to 7 cm, lip with yellow, red marks on crest. FS$36..C seedling$17.50 
Phalaenopsis formosanus W. Formosa/Taiwan Large overlapped petals/sepals, pure white, to 7 cm, yellow, red marks on lip crest. FS$36.. C $17.50 
Phalaenopsis gibbosa I. Vietnam Small grower, similat to P lobbi, P parishii, Extremely rare C seedlingNFS$17.50 
Phalaenopsis mannii I India Glossy yellow overlaid redbrown NFS$26.50 .C $17.50 
Phalaenopsis stuartiana W. Philippines Panicle white fls, lateral sepals marbled redbrown. FS$26.50 .C $17.50 
Rodriguezia venusta I. Brazil Dwarf.Fls to 4cm pure white, lip with golden yellow disc. Showy. Fl/S $36. C seedling$17.50 
Schomburgkia tibicinis I.W. Cent Amer Waxy, wavy edged fls, purple and bronze, showy. C $17.50 
Zygopetalum mackayii nigrescens I.C. Brazil From Brazil. Green sps,pts,blotched chocolate, lip veined violet purple. C seedlings $17.50 
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