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July 2012   

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Aerides_krabiense I.W. Thailand Dwarf, crystalline pink, spotted magenta, fragrant, 2cm flowers.

10cm pot Large fl/size $48


 Ascocentrum curvifolium 

 I.W. Thailand Dwarf.

Erect bottle brush spikes orange red flowers.brighlty coloured.10cm pot
Large fl/size $36

Brassia longissima 

I. Central America

Yellowgreen spider flowers to 20 cm long, spotted. Lip white .

10cm pot $36

Bulbophyllum baileyii I.W. Australia. Flowers to 3cm, yellow finely spotted red. Robust.
On treefern double plants $26

Bulbophyllum vaginatum 

 I. Philippines Larger form, robust. Heads of cream flowers, 5cm, mop like. Clump 3 plants/treefern $44

Catasetum integerrimum I.C. Mexico Large green flowers, helmet type.Very fragrant  Robust grower.
10cm pot sent while dormant $48


Dendrochilum cobbianum"Gold Chain" I.W. Philippines  

 Spikes glittering golden yellow flowers. Very showy, fragrant.

10cm pot double size plants


Dendrochilum cobbianum"green white" I.W. Philippines  Flowers green white, long many flrd spikes, fragrant.

Double size plants 10cm pot $48

Flower habit the same as Gold Chain ,with green white coloured  flowers

Dendrochilum convollarieforme I.W. Philippines. Spiralled spike of crystalline orange brown flowers. syn D. bicallosum . 
10cm  pot double size plants $48

 Dendrochilum_formosanum Formosa/Taiwan Small grower, long pendulous spikes of golden yellow crystalline flowers.

Double size plants multiple growths 

10cm pot $66




Dendrochilum magnum I.W. Philippines Largest of them. Orange crystalline flowers on long spikes. Showy.

Double size plants 10cm pot $48

Larger clumps $66

Diplocaulobium obyrnei I.W. New Guinea Dwarf, yellow flowers, dark plum in lip.Previously listed as . D. cyclobulbon

multigrowth plants on cork $34

Dendrochilum wenzellii I.W. Philippines Minature. grasslike leaf, Red flowers Showy

Multigrowth plants

 8cm pot $48

Trichoglottis brachiata 

  I.W. Philippines Velvet dark maroon flowers, purple lip. Showy, fragrant.

3 plant specimen 

on treefern $48

Trichoglottis latisepala  Philippines Pendulous leafy species, pink purple flowers in clusters at the nodes.  8cm Basket pot of 3  fl/size plants $48

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