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Advanced plants ready for repotting.

Aerides krabiense

  Dwarf grower with elegant arched spike of may flowers

3" basket pot $17.50


Aerides lawrenceae  

Robust grower, basket culture

Fl/Size  $30




Catasetum macrocarpum

Robust grower. Spikes of frahrant green marked red flowers.

Fl/size 10cm pot $48


Dendrobium anceps.

unusual succulent like plant. Fl/size $24

Dendrobium topaziacum Philippines. Clusters of yellow orange fls, lip striped red. Bottle brush type. Flowers on the old canes.

3" pot   $17.50


Dendrobium nobile "albescens"

Showy  pink flowers with large yellow labellum downy. 

Fl/size $24

Dendrobium rhodopterygium semialba. Flowers on deciduous stout canes.

Fl/size 10cm pot in bud $34


Culture Article

Photos and culture

Spathoglottis Freckle Face

(Kimballiana X Sunshine)

Fl/size 10cm pot $24

Laelia purpurata "Roxovioleta"

Advanced seedlings 8cm basketpot $22

Phalaenopsis aphrodite Philippines. Flowers pure white, to 7 cm, lip with yellow, red marks on crest.A very good grower

3" pot $17.50



Phalaenopsis formosana. Tetraploid form of  Phal aphrodite. Robust,  thicker leafed  species, shorter more rounder leaves very resistant to pests, diseases. Flowers very heavy textured

3" pot $17.50


Rhyncostylis retusa x Aerides falcatum. Dense spikes of white spotted pink purple x pale pink with darker petal tips. 3"basket pot $17.50

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