Spathoglottis species and  hybrids Plant List 

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Hybrids are naturally variable and photos are of single plants from the  cross. Other seedlings of the same cross will be variable. 

Species  Temperature, Country.


Spath kimballiana 4N (var angustifolia x BP) , Philippines

Sib cross 4N, 8cm vivid yellow fls, dwarf plant. Fl/size $36

SP121 Spath bulbosa magenta x Kimballiana 4N

80mm Yellow x giant bulbed magenta plicata Fl/size $26.50

SP127 Spath ( bicolor x Kimballiana) x seletar park

Large yellow tipped magenta purple Fl/size $26.50

SP128 Spath ( bicolor x Kimballiana) x plicata rhodobracteosum

Multicoloured yellow red, magenta Fl/size $26.50

SP132 Spath Java Beauty x (bicolor x kimballiana)

Multicoloured Large flowers, red tipped yellow Fl/size $26.50

Spath Kimballiana x Bicolor , Spath. Sila Khadaroo

Large yellow tipped pink purple Fl/size $26.50

Spath bulbosa "magenta"    New Guinea

Large robust form of plicata with well shaped rounded pink to magenta fls. Fl/size $26.50

Spath bulbosa "magenta" X plicata ""Magenta    

Large robust form of plicata with well shaped rounded  magenta x magenta   fls. Fl/size $26.50

Spathoglottis Valerie Yamada Southwood I.W.,

Pale pink to white much like eburneum Fl/size $26.50

Spath sulawesiense I.W., Sulawesi

Very robust species. White fls 3cm, lip side lobes rose pink Fl/size $26.50

Spathoglottis Freckle Face I.W.,

Large heavy textured bright yellow Kimballiana x magenta plicata. Fl/size $26.50

Spathohlottis plicata "RedMagenta" ,

Dark redmagenta .Robust, multi flrd head. Brilliant colour Fl/size $26.50

Spath Sunshine x (Kimballiana x Bicolor) ,

Orange yellow Fl/size $26.50

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