Plant List  Encyclia-Promeneae

Updated 05/11/2020
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Encyclia belizense var belizense I.W., Belize

Bulbous sps ,4 cm pale green fls,lip cream,red brown veins. Fl/size $36

Encyclia atrorubens I.W., Mexico

Tall spikes of 3cm dark choc purple, dark purple lip,fragrant.Previously listed as E hanburyi Fl/Size $36

Eulophia pulchra "Comoro " I.w., Madagascar

Green fls, the lobed lip veined red purple. Showy fl/Size $36
Eulophia decaryiana  I.w., Madagascar Oceoclades. 1.2m Tall branched spikes showy green fls, lip veined purple. Rare
Fl/Size $66

Grammatophyllum speciosum  W, Philippines

Giant.Fls 12 cm, green yellow, blotched red brown on huge spike. Larger plants enquire 4" Pot $36

Liparis viridiflora I.C., China

Fls green yellow.Tall many flrd spike. Fl/size $26.50

Lockhartia lunifera I.W., Brazil

Braid orchid. Attractive foliage like a braid, with yellow Oncid like flowers.Treefern Fl/size $26.50

Nervilia aragoana I.W., Australia/Thailand

Large green heartshaped leaf. Green multiflowered  lip white veined purple or green.Rare 4 plant compot$36

Nervilia discolor I.C.W., Australia.

N. Dallachyana. Jewel, glittering green flushed purple leaf, 4cm purple flowers . 4 plant compot$36

Nervilia discolor Purple and Green forms I.C.W., Australia.

Purple leaf form and a green leaf form of above available.Enquire 4 plant compot$36

Nervilia holochila I.W., Australia.

Single leaf, tuber. Fl to 4cm, green brown, lip large bright pink purple.RARE. 4 plant compot$36

Oeoniella polystachys I.W., Madagascar

Small plant with spikes of  fragrant green flowers, white labellum Fl/size $26.5

Oncidium panamense I.W., Panama

Same group as multiflorum, spacelatum, huge branched spikes of yellow fls. FS $26.50

Oncidium wydleri I.W., Cent Amer

Tall branched spikes to 2 metres of yellow, chestnut fls, fls to 3cm, panicled spike. Fl/size $26.5

Paph spicerianum giganteum C.I.W., India

Clear green, white, lip green brown, veined. Fls to 10cm Fl/s$36

Paph laevigatum I.W., Philippines

Much like roebellinii,Philippinense.Paler coloured  Fls to 15cm Fl/s$66

Paphiopedilum roebellinii I.W., Philippines

White, striped red, twisted red brown tail like petals to 20 cm. Fl/size$66

Phalaenopsis amabilis grandiflora I.W., Philippines

Large pure white to 7.5cm, yellow on lip, red spotted crest. Available later FS$36

Phalaenopsis aphrodite W., Philippines

Flowers pure white, to 7 cm, lip with yellow, red marks on crest. Available later FS$36

Phalaenopsis formosanus W., Formosa/Taiwan

Large overlapped petals/sepals, pure white, to 7 cm, yellow, red marks on lip crest.Tetraploid available later FS$36

Pomatocalpa thailandense W., Thailand

Panicle many small yellow, brown flowers FS$26.50