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 Photos (apart from Ross River), taken  at 54 Hammond Way, Townsville. Updated Saturday, 25 April 2020  Pages updated frequently, so click here  for New Photos   Check  Face Book   

Green Path: Malcolm Tattersall Townsville district blog for local wildlife and environmental interests.

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below Golden Backed Honeyeater     INDEX  

Golden-Backed Honeyeater       below White Winged Triller   Top   INDEX

White Winged Triller

Below grass whistler ducks         Index       Top

above Grass Whistler Ducks .More photos @ Ducks,Geese & Waterbirds

below Brown Backed Honeyeater         Top   INDEX

Brown Backed Honeyeater more photos Brown Backed Honeyeaters

Below Brown Honeyeater    Top   INDEX

Brown Honeyeater

more photos Brown  Honeyeaters          Below   

Below Yellow Honeyeater  Top   INDEX

  more photos @ Yellow Honeyeaters

Olive Backed Oriole       Top   INDEX


Olive Backed Oriole   

Above   Olive Backed Oriole       below     White Ibis    Top   INDEX

White Ibis       White Throated Honeyeater below   Top   INDEX

White throated Honeyeater

White throated Honeyeater pair

Above White throated Honeyeater More Photos   Below Rufus-tailed bronze cuckoo  Top   INDEX

Rufus-tailed bronze cuckoo     

    Below Pied Cormorant   Top   INDEX

Little pied Cormorant  Ross River  Below Mistletoe bird   Top   INDEX

Mistletoe Bird. Young female collecting nest material

above Mistletoe Bird.      below female or juvenile Fig Bird    Top   INDEX

Figbird Female or Juvenile


above Male Figbird in breeding colours.  below Mopoke Owl    Top   INDEX

Mopoke Owl

Mopoke & friend top left on Owl Page   below Bower Bird  Top   INDEX

Greater Bower Bird. Ross River

Bower Bird.                 below Black Bittern     Top   INDEX

Black Bittern. Ross River

below Needle tailed or Rainbow Bee Eater    Top   INDEX

Needle tailed bee eater

Click on Bee Eaters Page  more photos

        below Black Cockatoo       Top   INDEX

 Red Tailed Black Cockatoo 

July 2017 Hen checking  tree hollow


Female and chick.First siting 8.8.17  Cockatoo Family page  photos

  Red Tailed Black Cockatoo chick.Click on Red Tailed Black Cockatoo page  more photos    below     Black Duck        Top   INDEX

Pacific Black Duck.Ross River

 Black  Duck. Ross River

Figbird Female?

above Rufus Whistler Female?     Below Butterflys  Top   INDEX

Papilio aegeus aegeus orchard/citris swallowtail butterfly 

Papilio aegeus aegeus orchard/citris swallowtail butterfly 

Australian Lurcher

Australian Lurcher

A moth  Speiredonia mutabilis

 Brown soldier    Junonia hedonia zelima

Brown soldier    Junonia hedonia zelima

Brown Crow Butterfly Euploea core corina 

Brown Crow Butterfly   Euploea core corina 

Tawny Coster. A visitor from S E Asia


Butterfly Hypolimnas bolina nerina

Butterfly Hypolimnas bolina nerina

Hypolimnas alimena lamina Blue Banded EggFly

Hypolimnas alimena lamina Blue Banded EggFly

Moth  ??

Grevillea paralella flowers, Delias argenthona Northern Jezabel

Grevillea paralella flowers,Delias argenthona Northern for More Butterfly Photos

Pale Green Triangle  Graphium euryplus lycaon

Zodiac Moth Aleidis agathyrsus, a New Guinea butterfly Papilio Laglaizei  mimics this noxious moth  to protect from preditors

Precis Villide  Meadow Argus

Precis Villide  Meadow Argus

Grass yellow

Lemon Migrant    click for More Butterfly Photos

Common Oak Blue Arhopala micale amphis

In flight the wings have a brilliant blue flask  click for More Butterfly Photos

Caper White (male), Belenois java

Dull Oak Blue

Dull Oak Blue    click for   More Butterfly Photos

below Crested Hawk       Top   INDEX

Crested or  Baza Hawk click  More photos. below  Curlew   Top   INDEX

Bush  curlews. Family September 2017

above   Male bush curlew.         below Darter        Top   INDEX

Darter.Ross River

Owl faced finch     Top   INDEX

Owl faced or double bar Finch

"I want to hold your  hand"

"Give us a peck"

"I love you a bushell and a peck"

Click on  Finches Page   more photos. below Peacefull dove   Top   INDEX

Peaceful doves           below  Spangled Drongo     Top   INDEX

Spangled Drongo

Egret & Black ibis      Top   INDEX    More photos  Spangled Drongo

Egret and black ibis

                                 above Egret.Ross River      below Rufus Whistler  Top   INDEX

Rufus whistler male

Rufus Whistler male and female?  below  Frogmouth    Top   INDEX


more photos  above Tawney Frogmouth.   below Whistling Kite       Top   INDEX


Whistling kite collecting nest material

Whistling  Kite hassled by a peewee

below  Blue Faced Honeyeater     Top   INDEX  more photos  Hawks

Blue faced honeyeater 

More photos Blue Faced Honeyeater page.     below Sacred  Kingfisher  Top   INDEX

Sacred  Kingfisher

click on  Sacred Kingfisher Page  for more photos. below Kookaburra   Top   INDEX


Click on  Kookaburra Page for more photos,       below Lotus Bird   Top   INDEX


above  Lotus Bird               below  Magpie    Top   INDEX


   below Nutmeg Finch    Top   INDEX

Nutmeg Finch.

click on Finches Page

Pale Headed Rosella      Top   INDEX

Below. Pale  Headed rosella checking possible nesting hollow


A vacancy. Click on more Rosella  photos

Male mopoke  Click More owl photos.     below Peewee   Top   INDEX

Peewee.                  below Plover      Top   INDEX

Spurwing plover

Below Pygmy Goose   Top   INDEX

Green pygmy goose.Ross River

above Pygmy Geese       Below Rainbow Lorikeet    Top   INDEX

Rainbow lorikeet

Click onto Rainbow Lorikeet Page

 Tree spirit in my red cedar drawer front.          below Sun Bird   Top   INDEX


Olive backed Sunbird. Male 

Olive backed Sunbird 


Olive backed Sunbird & chick. 

Sunbird male  More photo Click on Sunbird Page

Collecting spider web nest material in the shed. Click on Sunbird Page

Strata title wasps? 


Wallabys   Click onto   Other Animals

Below White Fronted Wood Swallow       Top   INDEX

White fronted wood swallows

Below    Willy Wagtail   Top   INDEX

Willy wagtail    more fly catcher photos at  FlyCatchers   Top   INDEX

A local fun guy & friends.    below  Black Faced Wood Swallow   Top   INDEX

Black Faced Wood Swallow

Black Faced Wood Swallow.                  below   Crow   Top   INDEX

Australian Crow.           below Sulphur Crested Cockatoo   Top   INDEX

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Sulphur Crested chewing Grevillia parallela

above Sulphur Crested Cockatoo  below Red Wing, Crimson Wing, Parrot  Top   INDEX

Crimsonwing  or  Redwing Parrot

Below Helmeted Friar Bird    Top   INDEX

above Helmeted Friar Bird.      below White Bellied Cuckoo Shrike   Top   INDEX

White-Bellied Cuckoo-Shrike

White-Bellied Cuckoo-Shrike page.   below Jacky Winter Brown Fly Catcher  Top   INDEX

Link for Fly Catchers    Jacky Winter Brown Fly Catcher. 

    Below Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike  Top   INDEX

Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike  More Shrike Photos  below Little Friarbird  Top  INDEX

above Little Friarbird        below Grey Fantail       Top   INDEX

   Grey Fantail          Top   INDEX

Grey Fantail above           below  Restless Fly Catcher Top   INDEX

Restless Fly Catcher   

More fly catcher photos @ Fly Catchers     Below Dragonfly   Top   INDEX


Dragon Fly. See more @ Butterflys  below   Dollar Bird   Top   INDEX

Above  Dollar Bird    Below  Rufus Fantail   Index    Top

Above Rufus Fantail  click onto Fantail, Flycatchers & Whistlers 

below Scaly Breasted Lorikeet   Index   Top

Above       Scaly Breasted Lorikeet      below  Rain Bird   Top   INDEX

Indian Koel  Rain Bird  male

Indian Koel  Rain Bird   male

Above Indian Koel.     below  Brush Cuckoo    Top   INDEX

above   Brush Cuckoo          below  Leaden Fly Catcher male  Top   INDEX

above   Leaden Fly Catcher female   below  Long Billed Corella     Top   INDEX

Long Billed Corella  escapee ??

Above Long Billed Corella  escapee?  Below Channel Bill Cuckoo Top   INDEX

Channel Bill Cuckoo Storm Bird

above Channel Bill Cuckoo Pair  below Pheasant Coucal    Top   INDEX

above   Pheasant Coucal      below    Scrub Turkey   Top   INDEX

Above Scrub Turkey   Below  Pelican     Top   INDEX

above    Pelican     below   Top Knot Pigeon   Top   INDEX

above  Top Knot Pigeon        below     Noisy Friarbird    Top   INDEX

above  Noisy Friar Bird                     below Brahminy Kite                  Top   INDEX

Brahminy Kite

above  Brahminy Kite   below   Possum  in Nursery      Top   INDEX

above Possum  in Nursery   below  Blue Tongue Lizard     Top   INDEX

above  Blue Tongue Lizard    below   Frill Neck Lizard    Top   INDEX

above Frill Neck Lizard  more at Other Animals        Below Galah    Top   INDEX

above Galah               below Black Kite      Top   INDEX

above Black Kite  Forktail Kite          below   Barking Owl     Top   INDEX

above  Barking Owl          below Collared Sparrow Hawk    Top   INDEX

Collared Sparrow Hawk

above  collared sparrow hawk.          below Goanna          Top   INDEX

above  Goanna          Below Torresian Pigeon    Top   INDEX

above    Torresian Pigeon     below Knobby lizard       Top   INDEX

Knobby Lizard   Nobbi (Diporiphora nobbi)      below Tree goanna Varanus varius       Top   INDEX

above Tree goanna Varanus varius       below   Forest kingfisher     Top   INDEX


Forest kingfisher          Top   INDEX

Female Common Albatros. Appias paulina ega    Top   INDEX

above Female Common Albatros. Appias paulina ega        Top   INDEX

Below Little  corella

Little corella                  Top   INDEX

Below Bar Shouldered Dove

Bar Shouldered Dove

above Bar Shouldered Dove   below Monarch Butterfly    Top   INDEX

Dinaus plexippus Monarch Butterfly    Top   INDEX

Below Pallid Cuckoo    Top   INDEX

Pallid Cuckoo   Top   INDEX

Click on titles below to see additional photos.  Updates  New Photos

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Index    Top

Barking Owl

Bar Shouldered Dove

Black Cockatoo 

Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike

Black Faced Wood Swallow
Black Ibis   

Black Kite

Blue Faced Honeyeaters

Blue Tongue Lizard
Black Bittern

Bower Bird Greater

Brahminy Kite

Brown Backed Honey Eater

Brown Flycatcher Jacky Winter

Brown Honeyeater

Brush Cuckoo

Butterflys.   Egg Fly. Tawney Coster. Brown Crow. Norhern Jezabel. Citris Swallowtail. Australian Lurcher.  Brown Soldier. Zodiac moth.  Pale Green Triangle. Grass yellow. Lemon Migrant. Meadow Argus.  Blue Banded EggFly. Dull Oak Blue,   Common Oak Blue  Caper White (male), Belenois java   Female Common Albatros. Appias paulina ega       female

 Cepora perimale seyllara 

Monarch Butterfly Dinaus plexippus


  Butterflys,Dragonfly for more photos


Channel Bill Cuckoo  storm bird

Collared Sparrow Hawk

Corella little
Corella Long Billed

Crested Hawk, Baza Hawk

Dollar Bird
Dove Peacefull


Fly Catcher Leaden

Friar Bird Noisy

Frill Neck Lizard



Tree goanna Varanus varius

Golden Backed Honeyeater

Grass Whistler Ducks
Greater Bower Bird
Green Pygmy Goose

Grey Fantail Flycatcher
Helmeted Friar Bird

  Forest Kingfisher
Kingfishers Sacred

Little Friarbird 
Little Pied Cormorant 
Lotus Bird

Lizard Knobby
Mistletoe Bird female
Mopoke Owl
Nutmeg Finch
Oriole Olive Backed
Owl Faced Finch Double Bar
Pacific Black Ducks

   Pale Headed Rosella

Pallid Cuckoo


Pigeon Top Knot

Pigeon Torresian

Pheasant Coucal
Plover spurwing

Rainbow Bee Eaters
Rainbow Lorikeets

Rain Bird Indian Koel
Red Wing Parrot Crimson Wing

Restless Fly Catcher

Rufus Fantail
Rufus Whistler
Rufus-tailed bronze cuckoo 

Scaly Breasted Lorikeet

Scrub Turkey
Spangled Drongo
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Sun Birds
Tawney Frogmouth
Whistling Kite

White fronted wood swallows
White Ibis
White Throated Honeyeater

White-Bellied Cuckoo-Shrike 

White Winged Triller

Willy wagtail

Yellow Honeyeater

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