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The below listed codes appear in the price list pages to indicate what size plant is available.
  • A, seedling 5 cm pot
  • B, seedling advanced 5cm pot
  • C, 7.5cm pot
  • NF, near flowering size.
  • Fl/S, flowering size at indicated price.


Cites, Phytosanitary, & EMS airmail at cost, Proforma Invoice supplied to confirm availability.
EMS international air express post, Europe, SE Asia, USA west coast 5 days.
USA East Coast, Brazil, Africa 7 days. International Air Courier delivery available.

To eliminate fees/delays, we recommend you send Cash or Bank Draft by Registered airmail letter.


Air Express Courier per 3 kg, cubic measurements now apply. Please advise delivery address, not Post Office Box No, and telephone number for safe delivery. Express Air Post (yellow express bag) available.


All payments nett, Bank Fees/Commissions at customers expence.
PAYMENT WITH ORDER PLEASE. Wholesale quantities quoted for.
Aeranthes arachnites I.W. Madagascar. Previously listed as A.grandiflora Fls to 5cm, green, spurred, on long wiry spike. Fl/size $36.
Aerides falcatum I. Thailand. Long spikes, many fls. Fls 4cm, silver white, tipped purple Fls $36
Aerides krabiense I.W. Thailand. Dwarf, crystalline pink, spotted magenta, fragrant, 2cm fls. Fl/s $36.
Aerides lawrenceae I.W. Philippines. Large white fls, tipped magenta purple, fragrant. Long spike, many flrd. Fls $36
Aerides lawrenceae sanderiana"Purpurea x sib" I.W. Philippines. Cream yellow fls, tipped/flushed magenta purple, fragrant. Long spike, many flrd. Fls $36
Aerides quinquevulnerum purpureum I. Philippines. Rare, this form burgundy red fls, spicy fragrance. Fls $36
Angraecum augustifolium (Bosseri) I. Madagascar. Syn sesquipedale var august & v bosser.Waxy white 15cm fls. C$17.50
Ascocentrum curvifolium I.W. Thailand. Dwarf.Erect bottle brush spikes orange red fls.brighlty coloured Fl/size $36.
Ascocentrum micranthum I.W. Thailand. Smitinandia.White, lip pinkpurple. Fl/size $26.50
Brassia caudata I.C. Mexico. Fls 12 to 20 cm long, pale green, spotted dark green,lip white. Fl/size $36
Brassia giroudiana Cent Amer. Large green yellow fls to 15 cm on 2 ranked spike. Very showy Fl/size $34
Brassia longissima I. Cent Amer. Yellowgreen spider fls to 20 cm long, spotted. Lip white Fl/size $34
Bulb longissimum x fascinator I. . Louis Sander.Long tails, pink x yellow, pink spots, long tail.Showy F/s. $26.5..
Bulbophyllum baileyii I.W. Australia.. Fls to 3cm, yellow finely spotted red. Robust. Fl/size $26.50
Bulbophyllum basicetum Red I.W. Philippines. Fls to 6 cm long, glossy orange red, lip dark red. Showy. Fl/Size $26.5.. C$17.50
Bulbophyllum corolliferum I.W. Burma. Umbels of sparkling textured crimson flowers. Fl/size $26.50
Bulbophyllum fletcherianum I.W. New Guinea. Huge plant with basal cluster of large red flowers. When available Fl/size POA
Bulbophyllum lasiochilum I. Thailand. Small grower, fls yellow with fine brown spots. Lip fringed Fl/Size $26.5..
Bulbophyllum lepidum I.W. Thailand. Small grower. 4cm fan, yellow flushed redpurple at base of fls. Fl/size $26.5
Bulbophyllum levatii I. Vanuatu. Clumping minature, spike of starry white fls.Charming species Fl/Size $26.5.
Bulbophyllum roxburghii I. India. Dwarf plt. Umbell 2 cm, pink, apricot, spotted red. Clump $26.5
Bulbophyllum sibuyanense Yellow W. Philippines. Small grower, showy 5cm fan, yellow fls. red flushed centre. Fl/size $36
Bulbophyllum tortum I.W. New Guinea. Sestochilus section. Cupped yellow marked red Fl/Size $36
Bulbophyllum vaginatum Philipines I. Philippines. Larger form, robust. Heads of cream fls, 5cm, mop like. Clump 3 plants/treefern $44 Fl/size $26.50
Catasetum cernuum I. Brazil. Fls densely spotted chocolate brown, chocolate fragrance Fl/size $36
Catasetum expansum I. Venezuela. Green yellow x white, red callus (Cecilia x Fennel) 10cm fls.Large plants Fl/size $48
Catasetum laminatum I. Mexico. Large flowers, pale yellw green flecked red. Showy. Fl/size $36
Catasetum tenebrosum I. Peru. fls to 4cm, sepals,petals dark rich redbrown, maroon, lip yellow. Fl/size $36
Coelogyne pandurata I. Borneo. Fls to 10cm, pale green, lip green marked black brown. Fl/size $34
Cymbidium bicolor I.C. China. Yellow, buff yellow with burgandy, purple brown stripes. Fl/size $26.50
Cymbidium findlaysonianum I.W. S.E.Asia. Robust, long spikes yellow and red flowers Fl/size $26
Dend anosum alba x alba I.W. Philippines. Huge pure white fragrant flowers Fl/size $36
Dend bigibbum superbum alba x alba W. Australia. Round, pure white Phalananthe fls, green lip disc. Sib cross for true alba Fl/size $26.50
Dend bigibbum superbum purple W. Australia. Phalananthe Dend. round purple fls on long spike. Fl/size $26.50
Dendrobium anceps I.W. S.E.Asia. Looks like a succulent, flat fleshy leaves and stem, apical greenyellow fls Fl/size $26.50
Dendrobium jenkensii I.C. India. Minature aggregatum. Fls to 3cm orange yellow, showy. Fl/s$26.5
Dendrobium mimiense W New Guinea. Like D capituliflorum but leaves all green. Heads of green white fls. Fl/size $26.50
Dendrobium pierardi lantinifolium . Very pale pink fls, cream lip, fls to 5 cm. Fls along stem.D.aphyllum Fl/size $26
Dendrobium rhodopterygium semialba I. India. Fls to 4 cm, white, purple lip. Like D parishii. Fragrant Fl/Size $36
Dendrochilum cobbianum"Gold Chain" I.W. Philippines. "Gold Chain" Spikes glittering golden yellow fls. Very showy, fragrant. Fl/s$36
Dendrochilum cobbianum"green white" I.W. Philippines. "Green White". Fls green white, long many flrd spikes, fragrant. Fl/s$36
Dendrochilum convollarieforme I.W. Philippines. Spiraled spike of crystalline orange brown fls. syn D. bicallosum . Fl/s$36
Dendrochilum convollarieforme Majus I.W. Philippines. Much larger form Spiraled spike of crystalline more orange fls. Fl/size $36
Dendrochilum magnum I.W. Philippines. Largest. Orange crystalline fls on long spikes. Showy. Fl/size $36
Dendrochilum pangasinanense Species J I Philippines. Like cobbianum but brighter orange yellow fls. Fl/s$36
Dendrochilum propinquim C. Philippines. Minature form like D convollarieforme. Paler colour Fl/s$36
Diplocaulobium arachnoides I.W. New Guinea. Bulbous plant, large fls 4 cm, comes out white, goes pink. Large spider . Fl/size $26.5
Diplocaulobium chrysotropsis I.W. New Guinea. Exquisite minature, cream fls, yellow lip, 2.5cm. Forms multiflowered clump Fl/Size $26.5
Diplocaulobium Kirshianum I.W. New Guinea. Exquisite minature, cream white fls, yellow lip, 2.5cm. Forms multiflowered clump Fl/size $26.5
Diplocaulobium Obyrnei I.W. New Guinea. Dwarf, yellow fls, dark plum in lip.Prev. D. cyclobulbon.Large clump $25. Fl/size $26.5
Doritis pulcherima chompornense I.W. Thailand. White to pale pink, splashed petals, yellow. Sib cross. Fl/size $26.5
Encyclia belizense var belizense I.W. Belize. Bulbous sps ,4 cm pale green fls,lip cream,red brown veins. Fl/size $36
Encyclia hanburyi I.W. Mexico. Tall spikes of 3cm dark choc purple, dark purple lip,fragrant. Fl/Size $36
Eulophia pulchra "Comoro " I.C. Madagascar. Green fls, the lobed lip veined red purple. Showy fl/Size $36
Grammatophyllum wallisii W Philippines. Giant.Fls 12 cm,cream flushed rose, blotched red brown on huge spike. Larger plants enquire 4" Pot $36
Liparis viridiflora I.C. China. Fls green yellow.Tall many flrd spike. Fl/size $26.50
Lockhartia lunifera I.W. Brazil. Braid orchid. Attractive foliage like a braid, with yellow Oncid like flowers.Treefern Fl/size $26.50
Neofinetia pink wild form x(('Syutennou' x 'Syoujyou') select red ) I.C. Japan. Dwarf, pink waxy fls, spurred, fragrant.Sib cross 2 red x pink clones Fl/size $36
Nervilia aragoana I.W. Australia/Thailand. Large green heartshaped leaf. Green fls 5cm, lip white veined purple or green.Rare 4 plant pot$36
Nervilia discolor I.C.W. Australia.. N. Dallachyana. Jewel, glittering green flushed purple leaf, 4cm purple flowers . 4 plant pot$36
Nervilia discolor Purple and Green forms I.C.W. Australia.. Purple leaf form and a green leaf form of above available 4 plant pot$36
Nervilia holochila I.W. Australia.. Single leaf, tuber. Fl to 4cm, green brown, lip large bright pink purple.RARE. 4 plant pot$36
Nervilia peltata I.W Australia.. Leaf to 3cm, silvergreen, fls green,lip white.jewel orchid RARE. 4 plant pot$36
Nervilia uniflora I.W. Australia.. Single leaf, tuber. Fl to 4cm, green brown, lip large bright pink purple.RARE. 4 plant pot$36
Oncidium panamense I.W. Panama. Same group as multiflorum, spacelatum, huge branched spikes of yellow fls. FS $26.50
Oncidium wydleri I.W. Cent Amer. Tall branched spikes to 2 metres of yellow, chestnut fls, fls to 3cm, panicled spike. Fl/size $26.5
Paph spicerianum giganteum C.I.W. India. Clear green, white, lip green brown, veined. Fls to 10cm Fl/s$36
Paphiopedilum roebellinii I.W. Philippines. White, striped red, twisted red brown tail like petals to 20 cm. Fl/size$66
Phalaenopsis amabilis grandiflora I.W. Philippines. Large pure white to 7.5cm, yellow on lip, red spotted crest. FS$36
Phalaenopsis aphrodite W. Philippines. Flowers pure white, to 7 cm, lip with yellow, red marks on crest. FS$36
Phalaenopsis formosanus W. Formosa/Taiwan. Large overlapped petals/sepals, pure white, to 7 cm, yellow, red marks on lip crest. FS$36
Phalaenopsis stuartiana W. Philippines. Panicle white fls, lateral sepals marbled redbrown. FS$36
Spathoglottis plicata "Rhodobracteosum" I.W. New Guinea?. Large vivid redmagenta bracts & flowers. Many flrd, medium height spikes Fl/Size $26.5
Spathoglottis "bicolor" x Kimballiana I.W. . Yellow fls,edged magenta. A more rounded larger flower, very robust grower Fl/Size $26.5
Spathoglottis eburnea x plicata I.W. . S.Valerie Southwood.Pale shell pink to white, like eburnea Fl/Size $26.5
Spathoglottis Freckle Face I. . Large heavy textured bright yellow Kimballiana x magenta plicata.Bicolor Fl/Size $26.50
Spathoglottis Golden Gift IW . Almost all yellow showy round flowers. Robust tall spikes. Fl/Size $26.5
Spathoglottis hybrids, yellow/magenta/orange I . Request seperate list.Many colours request list
Spathoglottis kimballiana 4N (var angustifolia x BP) Philippines. Sib cross 4N, 8cm vivid yellow fls, dwarf plant. Fl/size $36
Spathoglottis sulawesiense. I.W. Sulawesi. Very robust species. White fls 3cm, lip side lobes rose pink Fl/Size $26.5
Thrixspermum centipeda I. China. Typical of the genus, yellow spider like fls to 5cm.Small grower. Fl/size $26.5
Trichoglottis batanense I.W. Philippines. Like T latisepala, flowers cream lip pink purple Fl/size $26.50
Trichoglottis brachiata I.W. Philippines. Velvet dark maroon fls, purple lip. Showy, fragrant.Clumps available Fl/size $36
Trichoglottis breviracema I. Formosa China. Pendulous leafy species, pearl pink fls in clusters at the nodes.Very showy Slab,basket. Fl/size $36
Trichoglottis fasciata I.W. Thailand. Fls to 5 cm, pale yellow barred red brown, large white lip. Clumps available Fl/size $26.50
Trichoglottis ionosma I. Philippines. Branched spike, yellow spotted brown, lip white, heart shaped. Fl/size $26.50
Trichoglottis latisepala (rosea) Philippines. Pendulous leafy species, pink purple fls in clusters at the nodes. Slab,basket. Fl/size large$36
Trichoglottis luchuensis "Formosa" I. Formosa/Taiwan. Branched spikes of yellow barred red brown fls, lip yellow. Fragrant. Fl/size $26.50
Trichoglottis philippinense I.W. Philippines. Like brachiata but fls pale yellow marked brown, lip pink. Fl/size $26.5
Trichoglottis tomentosa (sagarikii) I.W. Thailand. Showy, 3 cm fls, yellow, blotched brown, lip white, purple marked.Clumps available Fl/size $26.5
Trichoglottis wenzellii I.W. Philippines. Showy, 2 cm fls, yellow, striped red, lip white, purple marked.Clumps available. Fl/size $26.5
Vanda teres var Andersoneae W India. A terete leafed species, pink purple with gold veining in the large labellum. Fl/size $26.5