Flask List  Cattleyopsis-Cychnoches

Updated 22/07/2022
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Clowesia sps nova Aguirre I.C., Mexico

Clowesia section of Catasetum. A new species.? 12P $48 12P $48

Coryanthes alborosea I.W., Peru

Pure white,epichil yellow/red.Bucket orchid, 6 to 7 cm pure white fls. 12P $54 12P $54

Coryanthes alborosea alba I.W., Peru

Pure white.Bucket orchid, 6 to 7 cm pure white fls. 12P $54 12P $54

Coryanthes bruckmuelleri I W, Venezuela

Bucket Orchid. Large yellow with red spots and markings. 12P $54 12P $54

Coryanthes gernotii I., Venezuela

Bucket orchid. White to yellow, red spots. Hanging basket/pot. 12P $54 12P $54

Coryanthes gernotii Gernots Special I.W., Venezuela

Bucket Orchid. yellow and orange, selected form 12P $54 12P $54

Coryanthes leucocorys USA I.W., Peru

Large red bucket, white hypochil, showy.Mint perfume. 12P $54 12P $54

Coryanthes macrantha DH#2 I.W., Cent Amer

Bucket orchid, yellow, red spots.Fantastic fls to 12 cm, paired. 12P $54 12P $54

Coryanthes picturata var concolor I.W., Mexico

All orange fls to 10cm.Bucket orchid, this sps collected Mexico. 12P $54 12P $54

Coryanthes speciosa "Cinnabar" I.W., Brazil

Cinnabar orange/red form, Brazilian. Bucket orchid 12P $54 12P $54

Coryanthes verrucolineata Bicolor I., Peru

lemon yellow, purple mesochil.highly coloured C.verrucolineata 12P $54 12P $54

Cycnoches herrenhausen  I., Peru

Swan orchid. 12P $54 12P $54