Flask List  Laelia-Lycaste

Updated 28/06/2020
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Species  Temperature, Country.


L. purpurata flamea I, Brazil

Petals with flame coloured flare. A noteworthy colour form 10P $48 10P $48

L. purpurata striata x striata I, Brazil

Sib cross , pale pink, dark red purple stripes in petals and sepals. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia angereri I., Brazil

Rock grower.Tall spikes yellow 5cm fls. Showy. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia blumenschenii I.C., Brazil

Rupicolus.Sparkling 4cm pale yellow,tall spike.Lip veined purple. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia caulescens I, Brazil

Rupicolus. Sparkling 4cm fls, pink, dark pink purple.Disc yellow 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia cinnabarina I., Brazil

Fls to 7 cm, cinnabar red orange, glossy. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia esqualeana I, Brazil

Dwarf rupicolus sps. Pale yellow, citron, lip veined pink purple. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia fidelensis I.C., Brazil

Rare, pumila section, fls to 12 cm, pale pink purple. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia jongheana I, Brazil

Pumila group.Fls to 12cm, soft rose purple, lip disk yellow. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia lucasiana I.W., Brazil

Rupicolus,dwarf. Sparkling pink purple fls to 4 cm, lip yellow. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia lueddemanniana I.W., Cent Amer

Schomburgkia. Fls glossy 6.5 cm, tan bronze, lip paler. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia millerii I.W, Brazil

Red, orange red, rupicolus, brilliant coloured fls to 5cm 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia pumila Black Diamond I., Brazil

Black Diamond x self. extra dark rose purple form. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia purp Sanguinea "Mentzi" I, Brazil

Fls to 15 cm, fls red to red purple, lip darker. Showy. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia purpurata carnea I., Brazil

Large white, flesh pink lip. Fls to 15cm. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia purpurata roxo-violeta I, Brazil

sib"Haetinge x No1 Otto". Large fls to 15 cm.Violet coloured 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia purpurata roxovioleta x ardosia splash I.C., Brazil

Fls to 15 cm, fls rose violet, lip darker.SplashX Showy. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia purpurata sanguinea I., Brazil

Fls to 15 cm, lip red. 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia purpurata Werkhauseri I., Brazil

Fls to 15 cm, lip blue. 12P $48 12P $48

Laelia regineae I., Brazil

Minature rock grower. Fls to3cm, pale crystalline pink 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia virens (L. xanthina) I.C., Brazil

Yellow flowers with white streaked red purple lip 10P $48 10P $48

Laelia undulata "graybill" I., Cent Amer

Schomburgkia.Tall spikes of 5cm bronze purple, wavy margined sepals/petals. 10P $48 10P $48

Leptotes bicolor I.W., Brazil

Minatue grower, fls to 4cm, white, bright purple lip, in clusters. 10P $48 10P $48


Dark green red leaf, veined iridescent pink red. 12P $96 12P $96


Emerald green leaf, veined iridescent silver. . 12P $96 12P $96