Flask List 2019 Cattleya

Updated 2-January-18
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Cattleya aclandiae I., Brazil

Dwarf, showy green yellow blotched redbrown, lip bright purple 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya amethystoglossa I., Brazil

Clusters 10cm fls, blush white, lip brilliant magenta. Fragrant. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya bicolor select I., Brazil

Private collection Brazil, bronzegreen, brilliant bright magenta purple lip 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya blossfeldsiana I., Peru

Nat.X rex x luteola.Now considered a valid species? Large yellow. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya bowringiana I.W., Cent Amer

Large heads rose purple fls, showy species . 12P $48 12P $42

Cattleya bowringiana Caerulea "Blue Angel HCC AOS I.W., Cent Amer

selfing of clone with large heads pale blue flowerss 12P $48 12P $42

Cattleya chocoensis Semi Alba I., Brazil

Fls to 17cm, blush white fls, lip with magenta and yellow. 12P $48

Cattleya deckerii I.C., Cent Amer

Clusters dusky rose purple fls. Autumn form C.skinnerii 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya dolosa I.W., Brazil

Now considered distinct species.?Flat pale pink,rose pink to13cm 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya dormanniana I., Brazil

Fls to 8cm, sps, pts dark brown, lip bright purple. Showy. 10P $48 10P $48

Cattleya dowiana aurea I., Colombia

Huge yellow, nankeen yellow fls to 15 cm, lip veined purple,gold 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya elongata I.C., Brazil

Tall spikes waxy glossy bronze purple, lip purple. Fragrant. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya gaskelliana I., Venezuela

Fls to 15cm, pale amethyst flushed white.Lip orange/yellow disk. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya gaskelliana alba x alba sib I., Venezuela

Large white sib crossed, yellow disk. Fls to 15 cm, fragrant. 12P $48

Cattleya granulosa (VP X GG) I.W., Brazil

cultivars "Vera Paz" x "Green Gage". Large green, purple on lip 10P $48 10P $48

Cattleya guttata alba "Munda Yellow" I.W., Brazil

"Munda Yellow", lutino form, bright yellow, white lip x self 10P $48 1OP $48

Cattleya guttata alba x alba I.W., Brazil

Select USA sib cross 2 different clones, guttata not leopoldii 10P $48 10P $48

Cattleya guttata type x 4n I., Brazil

Thick waxy dark bronze, purple lip.Round,heavy flower.Fragrant. 10P $48 10P $48

Cattleya intermedia " orlata"x self I., Brazil

Fls to 15 cm, blush white, lip dark magenta, rose. Fragrant. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya intermedia alba x alba I., Brazil

Large to 12.5 cm pure waxy white elegant fls. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya intermedia maria faceira I.W., Brazil

var maria faciera. Sib crosses true, heavy subst, much fuller fls like loddigesii 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya intermedia orlata x punctata"TicoTico" I.W., Brazil

Fls to 15cm, waxy glossy pink purple, amethyst lip one parent spotted. Fragrant. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya jenmani coerulea I.W., Venezuela

Large flowers, blue to white flushed blue, lip darker. Typical labiate Cattleya 10P $48 10P $48

Cattleya jenmannii "Clmio x Mosca" I., Brazil

Large rose pink fls, lip darker marked yellow. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya labiata autumnalis I., Brazil

Large rose pink fls, lip darker. Autumn flowering form. Exquisite shape. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya labiata semi alba "Eva x Castro" I., Brazil

White, purple lip sib cross "Eva x Castro" 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya labiata var alba x suave I., Brazil

Fls to 17cm, alba "Angerer" x var suave "Iwashita" 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya lawrenceana I., Venezuela

Rare magenta purple, yellow throat. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya leopoldii "Garopaba x Rio Grande" I., Brazil

Two very select clones. Fls to 8 cm, bronze green, spotted purple red, lip purple. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya loddigesii I., Brazil

Waxy, heavy textured pink to purple pink fls, lip with cream disc 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya lueddemanniana select I.W., Venezuela

Select "Lows var" x luedde.Rich magenta purple x rose purple 10P $48 10P $48

Cattleya luteola "Tipo" Andean I.W., Peru

Small grower,clusters of 6cm yellow fls,red purple throat blotchs 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya maxima alba x alba I., Ecuador

Fls to 15 cm, white 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya maxima var Doctoris I., Colombia

Fls to 15cm, pink purple to purple, lip blotched, veined yellow. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya mendellii I., Colombia

Fls to 18 cm,white flushed rose,lip crimson purple, disc yellow. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya mossiae I., Venezuela

Fls to 15cm, pale rose purple, lip marbled dark magenta, yellow. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya mossiae coerulea I., Venezuela

White, light blue flush. Lip blue lavender &yellow instead of purple. 12P $48

Cattleya mossiae semialba x self I., Venezuela

A sib cross of pure white, amethyst lip. Fls to 15cm. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya nobilior I., Brazil

Stout bulb, fls to 13cm, flat, glistening pink purple, lip cream 10P $48 10P $48



Cattleya percivaliana I., Venezuela

Large fls to 13cm, rose lilac, lip crimsom purple, disc orange 10P $48


10P $48

Cattleya percivaliana semialba x self I., Venezuela

Venezuela, 15cm white fls, crimson purple lip. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya porphryoglossa I., Brazil

Fls to 7 cm, yellow orange, bronze orange, lip bright purple. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya quadricolor I.W., Colombia

Fls to 17cm, blush white to pink fls. labiata Cattleya chocoense 12P $48

Cattleya rex I.C., Peru

Fls to 18cm, cream yellow.Lip rich bright yellow marked magenta. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya schilleriana I., Brazil

Beautiful 15 cm bronze purple, spotted purple red, lip veined 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya schilleriana coerulea I., Brazil

Fls to 13 cm, waxy, glossy, blue flushed, lip slate blue. 10P $48


10P $48


Cattleya schofieldiana I.W., Brazil

Fls to 12cm, buff yellow spotted red purple, lip veined red purple. 10P $48 10P $48

Cattleya schroederae
 I., Brazil

Large pale lilac fls, lip with large yellow disc.Fls to 8 inches (20cm)across.
12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya tenuis I., Brazil

Like C.bicolor, different colour 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya walkeriana I., Brazil

Waxy flat rose purple, 13cm fls, heavy textured. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleya warnerii I.W., Brazil

Large rose pink fls, lip darker. Fragrant, good grower. 12P $48 12P $48

Cattleyopsis ortgiesiana I.W., Cuba

Rare. Smaller grower, large brilliant rose-magenta to pale rose fls to 5cm.Rare. 12P $48 12P $48