Flask List Encyclia-Eulophiella

Updated 28/06/2020
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Species  Temperature, Country.


Ency phoenicium"Roman Holiday"xsib I.W., Cent Amer

Tall spikes5cm fls, purple red, lip bright rose purple. 12P $48 12P $48

Ency plicata alba "Cheroke"AMxself I., Cuba

Tall spikes 6.5cm green fls, tipped purple, wine purple.Fragrant 12P $48 12P $48

Encyclia belizense var belizense I., Brazil

Pale greentan ss ps, white lip veined red 3 cm. Showy. 12 P $48 12 P $48

Encyclia dichromum I., Brazil

Two toned pink, dark pink purple fls to 4 cm. Showy. 12 P $48 12 P $48

Encyclia atrorubens I.W., Mexico

Tall spikes of 3cm dark choc purple, dark purple lip,fragrant.Previously listed as E.hanburyi 12P $48 12P $48

Encyclia mareae I.C., Mexico

Waxy green fls to 7 cm with large white flared lip. Fragrant, showy 12P $48 12P $48

Encyclia megalantha I., Cent Amer

Ss,ps brown, yellow at base,lip white striped redpurple.Fragrant 12P $48 12P $48

Epidendrum porpax I., Cent Amer

Epi peperomia. Glossy 2.5cm fls, green and bronze.Clumps well.Showy 12P $48 12P $48

Epidendrum pseudoepidendrum I.C., Cent Amer

Showy green fls, red orange lip. Fls to 5 cm. 12P $48 12P $48

Eulophia decaryana I.W., Madagascar

Oceoclades. Tall branched spikes showy green fls, lip veined purple. 12P $48 12P $48

Eulophia pulchra "Comoro " I.C., Madagascar

Green fls, the lobed lip veined red purple. Showy 12P $48 12P $48

Eulophia roseovarigata I, Africa

Oeceoclades gracillima. Coloured foliage.Tall spikes showy 3cm fls, lip veined purple. 10P $48 10P $48

Eulophia speciosa I, Africa

Fls to 4cm, golden yellow.Terrestrial, fleshy leaves.
10P $48 10P $48

Eulophiella roempleriana I.W., Madagascar

Rose purple fls to 10 cm metre spike Awarded clone selfed. 12P $49 12P $49

Galeandra baueri I., Cent Amer

Grow like Catasetum, Large trumpet lip, yellow flushed purple. 12P $48 12P $48