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Below Spath Lobbii

above Spath Lobbii     Below Spath Golden Gift    Index     Top

above Spath Golden Gift   Below Spath plicata "bulbosa magenta" x Kimballiana Index     Top

above  Spath plicata "bulbosa magenta" x Kimballiana      below   Spath Freckleface "Burleigh Park"   Index     Top

above Spath Freckleface "Burleigh Park" below Spath Sunshine x ( Kimballiana x bicolor)  Index     Top

above Spath Sunshine x ( Kimballiana x bicolor)

 Below Spath Kimballiana  x ( Kimballiana  x bicolor)    Index     Top

Above Spath Kimballiana  x ( Kimballiana  x bicolor) 

below    Spath Bicolor x Plicata rhodobracteosum     Index     Top

above  Spath Bicolor x Plicata rhodobracteosum  below   Spath Harlequin x Kimballiana     Index    Top

above Spath Harlequin x Kimballiana    below   Spath Sunshine X (Kimballiana x Bicolor) Index    Top

above Spath Sunshine x ( Kimballiana x Bicolor) 

below    Spath  Sunshine x Kimballiana Index   Top

above Spath  Sunshine x Kimballiana

below  Spath (Seletar Park x Kimballiana) "Gold Flare"     Index   Top


above Spath (Seletar Park x Kimballiana) "Gold Flare"  below Spath (Seletar Park x Kimballiana) "Gold Sovereign"    Index    Top

above  Spath (Seletar Park x Kimballiana )"Gold Sovereign"      below  Spath Java Beauty x  (Kimballiana x Bicolor)    Index    Top

above Spath Java Beauty x (Kimballiana x Bicolor)       below   Spath Java Beauty    Index    Top

above  Spath Java Beauty          below Spath Bicolor    Index    Top

Above Spath  bicolor               below Spath Kimballiana X Bicolor     Index    Top

above Spath Kimballiana X Bicolor      below Spath Kimballiana    Index    Top

Spath Kimballiana

above  Spathoglottis Kimballiana           below    Spath Little Charmer    Index    Top

above  Spath Little Charmer   below   Spath Valerie Yamada Southwood  Index    Top

above  Spath Valerie Yamada Southwood    below   Spath Harlequin Yellowlip    Index    Top

above   Spath Harlequin Yellowlip   below  Spath  (Kimballiana X Bicolor) x Sunshine Index    Top

above  Spath  (Kimballiana X Bicolor) x Sunshine Below  Spath Harlequin Redlip   Index    Top

above   Spath Harlequin Redlip  below   Spath Parsonsii     Index    Top 

above  Spath Parsonsii          below  Spath Vieillardii           Index    Top

above   Spath Vieillardii            below   Spath Dorothy Green     Index    Top

Above Spath Dorothy Green     below  Spath Sunshine      Index    Top

above Spath Sunshine "Burleigh Park"

   Index    Top

Spath Bicolor x Plicata rhodobracteosum

Spath Bicolor

Spath Dorothy Green

Spath Freckleface "Burleigh Park"

Spath Golden Gift

Spath Harlequin Redlip

Spath Harlequin x Kimballiana

Spath Harlequin Yellowlip

Spath Java Beauty x  (Kimballiana x Bicolor)

Spath Java Beauty x  (Kimballiana x Bicolor)

Spath Java Beauty

Spath Kimballiana  x ( Kimballiana  x bicolor)

Spath Kimballiana X Bicolor

Spathoglottis Kimballiana

Spath Little Charmer

Spath Parsonsii 

Spath plicata "bulbosa magenta" x Kimballiana

Spath (SeletarPark x Kimballiana) "Gold Flare"  

Spath(Seletar Park X Kimballiana) "Gold Sovereign"

Spath Sunshine x (Kimballiana x bicolor)

Spath Sunshine x Kimballiana

Spath Sunshine "Burleigh Park"

Spath Valerie Yamada Southwood

Spath Vieillardii


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