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Advanced plants ready for repotting.

Dendrobium teretifolium

Australia pencil orchid. Fragrant 80mm basket pot seedling  $17.50

Oeoniella polystachys

Madagascar fragrant especially at hight  80mm basket pot seedling  $17.50


Spathoglottis Golden Gift

Strong robust grower Flowering Size $26.50

Aerides jarkinaum

Philippines 80mm basket pot seedling  $17.50


Spathoglottis sulawesiense.

  Sulawesi Very robust species. Metre tall spikes
Fl/size $26.50

Dendrobium bigibbum superbum Alba

(white Cooktown orchid) Fl/size 80mm basket pot $26.50

Laelia purpurata "Roxovioleta"

15 cm flowers Advanced seedlings 8cm basketpot $22


Catasetum expansum
Venezuela (Cecilia x Fennel) Green, yellow edges x white, red callus 10cm fls.
Colours range from ice green to yellow with some with red crests or red flush

C seedling $17.50

Catasetum expansum

sibling colour form

Dendrobium hercoglossum

Thailand Small growing softcane species, . Fragrant C seedling $17.50

Cymbidium dayanum 

China Fls white, centre red crimson stripe, lip red purple with white.
C seedlings $17.50

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Phalaenopsis stuartiana

Philippines spectacular Panicle 
Near flowering size plants $26.50

C seedlings 80mm basket pot $17.50

Aerides fieldingii

India Dense spike of  fragrant flowers. Rare, true to name.
C seedlings 80mm basket pot $17.50

Cattleya gaskelliana

Venezuela Fls to 15cm, Fragrant Flowering size $36