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In FLASK.  Photo right Dendrobium pulchellum 
Ready to replate.
Culture.  Nigrohirsute Dendrobes.
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New in Flask.
Laelia purpurata roxo-violeta. Brazil. Flowers to 15 cm, flowers violet purple, lip darker veined. Showy.Best grown as for cattleyas.
Dendrobium bellatulum. Thailand. Dwarf plant, large white flowers, lip red. Nigrohirsute. A minature species, best grown on a slab with a little extra water while in growth and almost dry when not.
Dendrobium pulchellum. Photo  above. Thailand. Robust plant with up to 5 inch yellow flushed rose flowers. Lip downy, with 2 redmaroon blotches. A robust grower, requires a pot just large enough for the plant and a rich media. In the cooler months it is best kept barely damp.
Dendrobium virgineum. Thailand. Nigrohirsute. Flowers to 7.5cm, waxy white, lip veined red. Use a small well drained pot and kept drier in the cooler months.
 Cattleya gaskelliana alba x alba sib. Venezuela. Large  white, sib crossed, yellow disk. Flowers to 15 cm, fragrant. Typical cattleya requirements, well drained media, lots of light.
   Highlighted  species linked to photographs and cultural notes.
New in Plants.
Seedlings 5 cm pots
Paph Berenice (Paphiopedilum roebellinii x lowii)
.  White, striped purple, broader purple petals.
 Community pot of 5 plants
Paphiopedilum praestans x concolor  I.  Yellow striped red praestans crossed all yellow  Paph concolor.
Highlighted  species linked to photographs and cultural notes.
Ready to Replate.

Dendrobium crystallinum    A showy  softcane from Thailand. Best grown in a very small pot or on a slab.  Deciduous in winter, so requires a dry rest.

Trichoglottis luchuensis "Formosa"  Intermediate grower.. Formosa/Taiwan Branched spikes of yellow barred red brown flowers, lip yellow. Fragrant.

Oncidium splendidum.  Honduras. Tall spikes of large golden yellow flowers. Very showy. Intermediate grower

Oncidium jonesianum. Brazil. Terete leaf. Flowers 5cm yellow spotted pale brown, lip snow white. Slab culture.

Laelia tenebrosa nigrescens. Brazil. Very dark chocolate, purple lip, 15+cm flowers. Cattleya culture

Laelia jongheana. Brazil. Pumila group. Flowers to 12cm, soft rose purple, lip disk yellow. Seems to do best on a slab or in a small well drained pot or basket.

Laelia anceps veitchiana x self. Mexico. Tall spikes of flowers to 10cm, rose and magenta, dark purple on lip.

Catasetum sps affinis fuchsii.  Brazil Like C.fuchsii, large yellow with red, purple red. A species that goes dormant during winter.
Chysis bractescens.  Mexico Large waxy flowers to 7 cm, white, lip yellow. Best grown like a catasetum, with a dry dormant winter.

Aerangis kotschyana. Africa. Waxy white flowers to  2.5cm, long spur to 7cm. Fragrant. Slab culture
Trichocentrum tigrinum. Peru. A charming small growing species much like a minature mule ear leaf Oncid in growth and culture. A slab seems to be the best, under intermediate conditions.
            Species highlighted are links to photos.

More photos at
Culture.  A  few Nigrohirsute Dendrobiums.
A section of dendrobium, extending from India thru to Borneo and the Philippines, is characterised by having fine black hairs on the pseudobulbs and leaves. The Philippine species are less prominently hirsute.
Mostly intermediate growers,  several of the section have very large showy flowers, while some are minature growers with proportionately large flowers, and  some have small somewhat insignificant flowers.
India provides two very showy species, both quite large growing plants.
Dendrobium formosum var giganteum, which has large, to 12 cm, pure white flowers with a large  yellow disk on the lip.
Dendronium infundibulum has large somewhat papery textured white flowers, the disk ranging in colour from yellow orange to red orange.
Thailand provides two beautiful minatures, the plants not much more than about 5 cm high, but with proportionately large flowers, white with red  labellum ( Dend margueretaceum) and white with peach,orange ( Dendrobium bellatulum).
The Philippines provides 2 large growing species in Dendrobium sanderae and its varieties and Dendrobium schutzei.
Dendrobium sanderae is also white with plum purple blotches or stripes in the labellum.
Dendrobium schutzei is all white, with some green on the disk
The larger growing Nigrohirsute species require a well drained shallow  pot or basket, with a rich media that will also drain well but still retain moisture, to stay just damp but not wet. Maximum sunlight, even to slight leaf burn, will ensure flowering.
        The minature growing species seem to do best on a piece of treefern or similar, or in a very small well drained pot.
The Nigrohirsute dendrobiums are robust growers when in active growth, and benefit from lots of water and fertiliser. When not active, in the cooler months, water should be withheld and the plants kept barely damp.
Maximum sunlight is required, and most perhaps do better in an intermediate climate rather than under hot tropical conditions.
There are ofcourse other Nigrohirsute species, and their culture is more or less governed on the size of the plant and its origin.
  More photos at
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Out of Africa.
In a Botswana jewellery shop: "Ears pierced while you wait."
On one of the buildings of a Sierra Leone hospital: Mental Health Prevention Centre."
In a Maternity ward of a clinic in Tanzania: "No children allowed."
In a cemetery in Uganda: "Persons are prohibited from picking flowers from any but their graves.
In a Malawi hotel: "It is forbidden to steal towels please. If you are not a person to do such a thing, please don't read this notice."
And the directions are;
On some Swanson frozen dinners: "Serving suggestion: Defrost."
On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom): "Do not turn upside down."
On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding: "Product will be hot after heating."
On Nytol Sleep Aid: "Warning: May cause drowsiness."
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